Points of Interest

Marine Museum

The Beaver Island Marine Museum is in an old net shed originally built in 1905 and first used as a museum in 1976. The museum has two floors of exhibits that tell stories of shipwrecks, Coast Guard rescues, ship building, Island vessels, and even diving. The museum is staffed and maintained by volunteers from the Beaver Island Historical Society.

Historical Society

The Mormon Print Shop was built in 1850 by the Island’s Mormon settlers. The building is now used as the Beaver Island Historical Society’s main museum, with exhibits on important historical figures as well as diaries and other artifacts. As of this writing, the Beaver Island Historical Society is fundraising for an expansion of this museum, which will be renamed the Museum of Island Life.

The Protar Home

The Protar Home is one of two sites on Beaver Island registered on the National Register of Historic Places. Maintained by the Beaver Island Historical Society, the historic home and tomb of Feodar Protar draw visitors interested in learning more about this cherished philanthropist and important figure in Beaver Island’s history. Photo credit: News on the ‘Net.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is maintained by the Beaver Island Historical Society and located on Donegal Bay Road. The park features several historical items, including the generator that first provided power to the Island as well as an old tilt-wheel grader. These outdoor exhibits are easily seen from the bike path and the library.

Other Recreational Opportunities

Beaver Island is home to an ever-expanding interconnected system of trails and pathways, providing for unique hiking and mountain biking experiences. In addition, the Island’s gravel, uncongested roadways are idyllic for family bike rides and long peaceful walks. Expect to exchange a friendly wave with Islanders as you pass!

Beaver Island’s unique geographic placement within the Great Lakes Basin also makes it a great destination for sailing, birding and fishing. In addition, the Island’s remote location and relatively small development footprint make it an ideal location for gazing at the night sky.