Getting Here

Beaver Island can be accessed by both boat (private or ferry) and airplane (private or commercial).

BEAVER ISLAND BOAT COMPANY Ferry service providing travel for passengers, vehicles and freight (e.g., kayaks) between Charlevoix and Beaver Island. 888-446-4095 or (231) 547-2311.

FRESH AIR AVIATION Air service from the Charlevoix Airport to Beaver Island Township Airport. 888-FLY-RGHT (359-7448) or (231) 237-9482.

ISLAND AIRWAYS Air service from the Charlevoix Airport to the private Welke Airport. 800-524-6895, Charlevoix local (231) 547-2141, or Beaver Island local (231) 448-2071.

Suggested Gear

1. Extra paddle tied to your craft

2. Insect repellent

3. This Guide and a compass, GPS, and other navigational tools

4. Emergency equipment like radios, whistles, and repair kits

5. First-aid kit

6. Extra ropes

7. Pocket knife

8. Flashlight

9. Waterproof matches

10. Cell phone (keep in a dry bag)

11. Extra drinking water and food

12. Waterproof bags

13. Clothing for bad weather (even if the forecast looks good!)

14. Sun protection (sunscreen, wide brim hat, light-colored long-sleeve shirt and pants)